Review of THE GLORIOUS LAMPS, at the Bethel Church-Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday 7/26/09



My friend and I arrived at the Bethel Church at 4:50pm, for a church concert that started at 5:00pm. The show started with some praise & worship songs by Bro. Flomo & Sis. Naomi, followed by the Liberian National Anthem, the invocation by Pastor George Tobey, and welcome remarks by Aumonae Johnson Hunter. Following that was performances by the Greater Refuge Church Choir (two energetic R&B/funk gospel tunes, with the choir being conducted by The Glorious Lamps's vocalist Michael Walker), Bro. Joseph Williams (mid-tempo R&B-styled gospel), Sis. Matu Saye (slow R&B gospel), and Bro. Steve Kelly (high-energy showmanship/singer, with a hip-hop flavored R&B gospel tune).


After the history of The Glorious Lamps International was given, the Glorious Lamps finally performed at 6:35pm....READERS, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GLORIOUS LAMPS DOESN'T HAVE A LIVE BAND SO THEY PERFORM TO AN INSTRUMENTAL CD. The group came out wearing red dress shirts, black slacks, and black vests. The first song was the R&B-influenced "Praise", with lead vocals by Abraham Geezay and Prince Sherman....the vocal harmonies were just beautiful!! "Saviour" was another R&B-styled gem featuring the lovely voice of Prince Sherman. "Many Mansions", sung in Bassa language (spoken by Liberians), was a techno-influenced worship song with lead vocals by Victor Jones, Abraham Daniels, Abraham Geezay, and Prince Sherman (who provided vocoder-style vocals). "Amazing Grace" was a VERY NICE jazzy version of the classic with Abraham Geezay and Prince Sherman on lead vocals! "Debe Nyuan Ka Keh (The Things U Do)", sung in Bassa, was a slow R&B-styled workship tune featuring Michael Walker and Abraham Geezay on lead vocals. "Hallelujah" was an EXCITING Carribean-flavored worship praise song that got everyone on their feet jamming! The Glorious Lamps's first set ended at 7:10pm.


After the official launching of the new GLORIOUS LAMPS INTERNATIONAL CD "MOVING FORWARD" and a couple of praise songs by Elenora Mouphouet and Bro. Wilta Harris, The Glorious Lamps's second set started at 8:05pm. The group came out wearing blue T-shirts and blue jeans. The first song was the techno/R&B styling of "What You Looking For?" with Michael Walker on lead vcocals! "Advent", sung in Bassa, was a hip-hop tune with lead vocals by Timothy Gbaa and Joe Emmanuel Harris, with additional baritone vocals by Abraham Daniels. After Victor announced that the "new David" is coming up, the Glorious Lamps went into "Don't Stop Praying", a R&B mid-tempo song featuring Abraham Geezay on lead vocals. The congregation GAVE UP MAD PRAISE on the exciting reggae jam "Freedom", featuring Abraham Daniels on lead vocals and Prince Sherman on additional "growling" vocals. "The Lord's Prayer", sung by Bassa, was a slow R&B tune featuring Michael on lead vocals. "The Song of David" was a LIVELY, AFRICAN-STYLED PRAISE song, complete with some nice dance styles (Michael also handled lead vocals on this song)!! The second Glorious Lamps set ended at 8:40pm.







If you had died the minute you started to read this invitation, would you have the assurance that you would go to heaven?

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2. RECOGNIZE JESUS CHRIST DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOU. The Bible tells us that "God showed his great love for us 
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3. REPENT OF YOUR SIN. The Bible says, "Now turn from your sins and turn to God, so you can be cleansed of your sins". (Acts 3:19 NLT)

4. RECEIVE JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR LIFE. The Bible tells us, "Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved". (Romans 10:13 NLT)

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Remember, TOMORROW is ***NOT*** guaranteed!!