Review of MAVIS STAPLES, at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA on Monday 10/4/2010



At 8:55pm, Mavis Staples and the band started with an acapella song called "Wonderful Savior", complete with fingersnaps from the background vocalists Vicky, Donny Gerard and Yvonne Staples.  (Most of the music is from Mavis's new CD YOU ARE NOT ALONE....please GO OUT AND PICK UP THIS CD - YOU WILL LOVE IT!!  This is all GOSPEL, all GOOD STUFF!)




"Wrote a Song For Everyone" was some good R&B stuff with moments of standout rhythm guitar goodness by Rick Holmstrom.  "Creep Along Moses", with its southern soul style, is a story about Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt.  "The Weight" (an old Staple Singers song) featured some good strong bassisms by Jeff Turmes and blues-rock guitarisms by Rick.  "You Are Not Alone" was followed by the slammin' Staple Singers song "Freedom Highway", a nasty piece of southern soul about the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.  "Only the Lord Knows", another uptempo tune, was followed by a ballad called "Losin' You".  "Too Close to Heaven/On My Way to Heaven" was a great medley of old-school gospel (with primarily Donny on lead vocals & Rick on guitar) and a great blues-gospel tune by the entire band with Mavis on lead vocals.  "Last Train" (an Allen Toussaint tune)  was FONKAY....with some stank bass riffing, nasty rock guitar riffing and heavy drumming by Stephen Hodges.  "I Belong to The Band" was a fun, sing-along, uptempo soul tune...what band was Mavis talking about?  Well, a CHRISTIAN BAND!  After an instrumental piece, it was time for Mavis to take the audience somewhere......after getting the fans worked up a bit, it was time for the band to take us there....."I'll Take You There" was the last song of the set and the fans TOOK Mavis and company THERE!  




The Mavis Staples set was over at 10:00pm.







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