Review of the ROBERT RANDOLPH & THE FAMILY BAND concert, held at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday 12/27/08



After an energizing performance by the funk-jazz trio Soulive (including Bobby Byrd uptempo funk "I Know You Got Soul" and Stevie Wonder's "Jesus Children of America", featuring Nigel Hall on lead vocals), Robert Randolph and the Family Band started at 11:15pm and tore the place up with some of the nastiest, loudest sacred steel guitar sounds ever heard...starting with the first instrumental tune, where Robert's lap steel guitar chords smoked against a backdrop of churning organ riffs! "I Need More Love" was more of the hardcore gospel-rock magic and included Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Starting Something". "March" was followed by 2 or 3 other rock songs, before the band went into Al Green's "Love and Happiness", which was sinfully good with standout organwork and lead vocals by the Soulive horns (Sam Kininger and another sax player whose name escapes me right now) and Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno!! The drummer, Marcus Randolph, was the highlight as he threw down mightily during Michael Jackson's "Rock With You"! 


Robert and the band kicked up a notch with the blazing gospel-rock of "Deliver Me"....neighboring buildings buckled under the punishing force of this raw music!!! Danyel Morgan provided the rawest, funkiest bass intros in RRFB history to the funk-rock extravaganza of "Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That"!!!!! "Thrill of It" was nothing short of rock guitar craze....the huge multitude of fans that showed up were totally enthused with all that the RRFB gave them. The RRFB show was over at 1:00am.





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