Review of tobyMac & the Diverse City Band, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Friday 11/20/2009


At 9:25pm, Christian/rock/funk/hip-hop act tobyMac & the Diverse City Band began their show with the high-energy funk-rock sound of "Let's Get This Party Started".  Just as the crowd was getting their "Jesus-freak party" on, the band performed a new song from the upcoming album TONIGHT (to be released in February 2010) called "Showstopper", which was another hard-hitting piece of funk-rock.  "I'm For You" featured Gabe on beatbox.  "No Ordinary Love" featured the beautiful vocals of Nirva Ready, while the funky "J Train" featured some nasty funkafied bass lines by toddieFunk and a little bit of Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie" at the end.  "Made to Love" was followed by "Irene" (featuring a nice rhythm guitar intro by Tim) .  


After "Irene", Gabe and Shonlock were the highlights as each one did some old-school hip-hop rapping.  Following that was Nirva's gospel spotlight and she sung a little bit of "Our God is An Awesome God".  After that, it was back to some more old-school hip-hop rapping.


"Boomin' " featured some great bass funk romping by toddieFunk.  "Lose My Soul" slowed things down a bit.  The energy returned with Tim's guitar rock soloing on "Gone".  "One World" was good, but better that the super-funky "Diverse City" (awwww yeah, baba)!  Afterwards each musician was introduced and each one did a solo (highlights:  (1) Brian Haley was tearing it up on drums as the band played a little bit of Cameo's "Word Up", (2) Tim was kickin' it on guitar as he was playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It").  


"Funky Jesus Music" (another new song) was just that....FUNKY with some horny horns (by Tim and Gabe), nice funky synthesizer by Dave Wyatt, vocoder vocals by a new guy (his name I don't know), and some slap bass funk by toddieFunk!  The band did a medley of old R&B tunes, like "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" (Wild Cherry), "Love Rollercoaster" (Ohio Players), "Le Freak" (Chic), "That's the Way I Like It" (KC & the Sunshine Band), and "We Are Family" (Sister Sledge).  


The band continued with the latest single (from the upcoming album)...the single is called "City on Our Knees", a very inspirational, slow tune.  Following that was a very nice version of the hard rock song "Burn For You".  The fans were very excited when the band when they launched into the DC Talk favorite, "Jesus Freak" -- yes, everyone was rockin' in the name of Jesus!!  To end the show, tobyMac brought out the opening acts, Relient K, Stephanie Smith and B. Reith...the acts performed the Christmas standard, "Winter Wonderland".


The show was over at 10:45pm.






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